New Patients

Whole Health Solutions offers an approach to healthcare that is “holistic” and “functional”. What does this mean? Holistic healthcare evaluates a person’s health issues based on the knowledge that the body is a complex organism where all parts affect all other parts and all body systems are striving toward balance (homeostasis) and healing. Health issues may seem unrelated, but Dr. Thompson usually finds that most symptoms and illnesses are related and significant in a comprehensive health picture for an individual.

Functional healthcare, functional endocrinology or functional medicine are forms of healthcare that look at how the body is supposed to function for optimal healing and evaluate what has gone wrong using a health history event timeline, general and specialized lab tests, queries on the function of major body systems and physical examination. Based on these results, the underlying and causative health issues are determined and a plan for restoring health is created based on what body systems are at the root of the problem.

Dr. Thompson treats underlying imbalances, dysfunction and deficiencies using natural methods such as dietary changes, exercise and movement advice, stress management techniques, detoxification therapies, supplementation with whole food supplements, homeopathic and herbal remedies, chiropractic spinal alignment and low level laser treatments.

Dr. Thompson also acknowledges and honors the uniqueness of each individual, their life situation and their path to health. She believes educating and empowering those who come to her for care is just as important as delivering healthcare for their long term health and their ability to take responsibility for their life-long health picture.

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