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your overall brain and body health with a simple blood test that can significantly improve your life by targeting the root of pain, inflammation, and chronic disease with the BRAINSPAN test kit. 

Brain Inflammation Package

  • BrainSpan Blood Spot Lab Report including Omega-3 Index and cellular inflammation
  • BrainSpan Cognitive Test Results includes dietary, supplement and exercise recommendations
  • Consult with Dr. Thompson to explain your results and discuss recommendations such as dietery changes, exercise advice, and targeted supplementation
  • PLUS two follow-up tests that include all of the above, and are designed to track progress and assure resolution of brain inflammation.

Only $398!

Regular price is $537 for the 3 evaluations

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All supplements are carefully selected to work in synergy, and are derived from the highest quality products.

The Stress Buster kit will help you maintain emotional balance in the face of everyday stresses. Contains calmative minerals, nutrient support for the adrenal glands, and a unique herbal combination of licorice root, Ashwagandha root, skullcap and Korean Ginseng root for adrenal and nervous system support.


Support the body’s ability to handle seasonal challenges with our Allergy Kit. Contains vitamins A & C, support for the lungs and adrenal glands, a natural decongestant, plus a unique herbal combination of Albizia bark, Chinese skullcap root, and Feverfew to maintain normal upper respiratory tract function and skin health.



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