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Welcome! At Whole Health Solutions our mission is to provide the highest quality holistic healthcare in accord with a functional medicine model. We form a partnership with each individual to find their unique path to health and well-being.

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We at Whole Health Solutions are dedicated to providing you with the most relevant, up to date and proven nutritional information!

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Dr. Thompson is dedicated to providing gentle, individualized healthcare that addresses the whole person from newborns to seniors.

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The Latest from Our Blog!

How to Slow the Aging Process

Our Cells Regenerate at Surprising Rates  One of the most amazing things about our bodies is that they are constantly renewing themselves. Many of our cells regenerate in order to repair damage and replace old worn-out cells, but the rate at which they regenerate can...

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Menopausal Symptom Support

Menopause is a normal, healthy process for women to go through as they grow older. Suffering through the symptoms associated with menopause is not. Standard Process offers whole food supplements that are specifically designed to support the complex needs of the female...

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Is Menopause a Curse or a Blessing?

Is anyone else tired of menopause being treated like a disease? I do realize many women in our country are suffering with the symptoms created by this transition, but I also believe the current experience does not match what has been the normal progression of...

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Our office is conveniently located in downtown Fredericksburg. We also work with patients from around the world by phone and video!

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