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Welcome! At Whole Health Solutions our mission is to provide the highest quality holistic healthcare in accord with a functional medicine model. We form a partnership with each individual to find their unique path to health and well-being.

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We at Whole Health Solutions are dedicated to providing you with the most relevant, up to date and proven nutritional information!

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Dr. Thompson is dedicated to providing gentle, individualized healthcare that addresses the whole person from newborns to seniors.

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The Latest from Our Blog!

COVID-19 Defense: Compiling the Known Data for You

I have been following all my trusted sources for the best way to combat this new coronavirus and prepare your immune system to do battle. Besides my knowledge of human physiology, my sources are: the Institute for Functional Medicine, Mark Hyman,...

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The Health Benefits of Gratitude

It takes no great leap of faith to believe that an attitude of gratitude is beneficial to your psyche and, with a little further thought, also to your physical health. The common line of reasoning is that, since gratitude is a positive emotion, it would make you feel...

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Nature’s Health-Giving Colors for Good Nutrition

Fall leaf color is something so many of us in Virginia anticipate, and thoroughly enjoy, for the brief, but (usually) spectacular, period before the trees retreat for their winter dormancy. When I glimpse an exceptionally vivid tree glowing yellow, orange or red, it...

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Monday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
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Friday  Hours vary – times available by appointment

Our office is conveniently located in downtown Fredericksburg. We also work with patients from around the world by phone and video!

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