Success Stories

S.Rossi-smallMy name is Sue Rossi and I started seeing Dr. Chris in September 2005.  I was referred to her by a massage therapist who worked in my previous chiropractor’s office. Sadly, my chiropractor had passed away and I had no idea who to go and see. I was looking for someone who looked at chiropractor care from a more holistic approach than most other chiropractors I had heard about and I found that and more in Dr. Chris.

When I first went to see Dr. Chris I was having neck pain along with numbness and tingling that ran down my arm.  After our consult and examination she assured me that she could help me and she did and has been continuing to help me for over seven years now.

Dr. Chris not only gives great, gentle chiropractic adjustments but she takes the time to really listen to you about any concerns that you might have.  Her ‘whole health’ approach to chiropractic care has truly been wonderful for me.  I feel very blessed to have her as my chiropractor and a friend. Thank you, Chris for all your kindness and reassurance over the years.



J.Taylor-smallI have had the good fortune to be in Dr. Christine Thompson’s care since June of this year.  I was referred by my primary care physician for on-going pain in my right knee and my neck.

Dr. Chris has been like no other chiropractor I’ve had in the past.  She is not the kind of doctor who does a couple of adjustments and then leaves you on a machine while she rushes off to take care of the next patient.  Quite the opposite, her devotion to your care while you are in the room with her is nothing less than 100%.  She evaluates your pain and keeps careful records of your progress with each visit.  She also takes the time to address your questions and offer helpful, sensible advice.

In addition, Dr. Chris came to my rescue when my thyroid was found to be improperly functioning during this same time period. She devised a specific Standard Process supplement schedule as well as an herbal mixture to naturally support my thyroid.  She communicated with my primary care doctor and had me keep her apprised of my progress, adjusting supplements as needed.

I am now delighted to say my energy levels have returned to normal over the past few weeks and I am pain-free.  But it doesn’t end here; I will be continuing to see Dr. Chris in 2013 (by choice) to help me maintain my optimum level of wellness which I have reached over the past few weeks.  I am extremely grateful for Dr. Chris’ focus on my health and well being.  She has made all the difference in helping me return to the happy person I am today! (And for the record, I am nearly 60 years young.)