Functional Medicine Analysis & Case Review

Comprehensive health evaluation designed to address the underlying cause of many of your symptoms and health issues.
·       Identifying your key life events and disease triggers
·       Nutrient & Body System Imbalance Identification
·       Customized Action Plan addressing the Pillars of Health
·       Lab Review and Recommendations
·       Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling
·     Take-home Portfolio of your functional medicine analysis


Follow-Up Visits 

·     Evaluation of progress & follow-up lab results
·       Personalized recommendations & advice
·       Email & phone check-ins as needed


Follow-up Packages

Longer term programs designed to help you create and sustain changes for a healthier you.
·       Includes evaluation of follow-up lab results
·       Continued progress check-ins and recommendations
·       Email & phone check-ins as needed

Commit to 3 months and visits are $125 each (monthly follow-ups)
Commit to 6 months and visits are $100 each (monthly follow-ups)

Functional Medicine Report  

Identifying your key life events and disease triggers
(Can be applied to a Functional Medicine Analysis & Case Review visit with the doctor)


Chiropractic Care

Individualized, gentle and thorough chiropractic care that addresses the unique healthcare needs of each person from newborns to seniors.


Low Level Laser Therapy

Speeds healing and reduces pain and inflammation

12 sessions for $450

Health & Wellness Education

In-depth classes on various pertinent health topics designed to help you live well and feel great for life.

Prices vary. Most range from FREE to $20