Nutrition Counseling

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Individualized Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Christine Thompson’s great passion throughout her career has been health and wellness through whole food nutrition. She has spent the past 15 years training in the field of functional endocrinology through post-graduate education. Functional endocrinology is the study of the hormonal system of the body from a holistic perspective, viewing the body as a whole, functioning organism where all parts affect all other parts and focusing on the underlying cause of disease and dysfunction.

While it is true that most people in our country today do not eat a properly balanced diet of foods rich in all the necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes, even if they did they may not be getting all the nutrients needed to heal properly. The reason for this is complicated and involves such factors as soil depletion, pesticide contamination, early harvesting, irradiation of foods and the increased need for specific nutrients because of toxic overload and a stressful lifestyle.

Dr. Thompson evaluates each unique person using a thorough health history, specific physical tests and lab analysis through blood, saliva, urine or stool to determine the foundational problems that must be addressed to create healing and wellness. All of Dr. Thompson’s treatment methods involve safe, proven, natural therapies, such as whole food supplements, high quality herbs, homeopathy and detoxification. If you have a particular health problem that is not responding to other therapies, you may be a candidate for Dr. Thompson’s holistic and evidenced-based treatment methods.

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