Whole Health Chiropractic is a center that provides and promotes holistic and integrative health care methods and emphasizes a body-mind-spirit approach to health. We strive to provide services that honor the uniqueness of each individual's health needs. Click here for a Welcome Video!

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Nutrition Information

We at Whole Health Chiropractic are dedicated to providing you with the most relevant, up to date and proven nutritional information.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Thompson is dedicated to providing gentle, individualized healthcare that addresses the whole person from newborns to seniors.

Detoxification & Weight Loss Program

While the world we live in today has improved in many ways, we face a persistent and serious challenge from the air we breathe, to the foods we eat, and the water we drink. And that is only the outside story.

Welcome to Whole Health Video

View our Welcome video to learn more about Dr. Thompson and her practice.

Within a month I was beginning to feel better, and now, four months later, I feel completely healed. I haven't experienced back pain whatsoever, or any signs of sciatica (tingling or numbness), in the last month. Thank you very much Dr. Thompson!!!