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  • Healthy Gut, Healthy Brain!

    When it comes to the human body, my favorite saying is “everything is connected to everything”. The truth of that statement becomes clear as cutting edge discoveries in functional medicine and holistic healthcare today illuminate the intimate connection between gut […]

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  • What Is Leaky Gut and What Are Its Consequences?

    Believe it or not, we are born with a leaky gut – out of necessity!  “Leaky gut” is a case of increased permeability of the intestinal lining. Our intestines are designed to allow important nutrients from our food to pass […]

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  • Stress, Hormones, and Belly Fat

    Many people, when they hear the title of a popular workshop I offer, “Stress, Hormones, and Belly Fat”, intuitively understand there is a connection between these three health issues. But they may not know the science behind it and how […]

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  • Don’t Settle for Joint Pain

    As you might imagine, arthritis pain and movement difficulties are popular topics in any chiropractic office. The typical statement from patients is “I guess I am just getting old,” or “I was told there is nothing I can do about […]

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  • The Truth About Cholesterol and Heart Disease

    Like so many other health topics today, there is so much misinformation about cholesterol that it really is disheartening. First of all, let’s clear up the purpose of cholesterol in our bodies. Despite information readily available from official sources, cholesterol […]

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  • The Low Down on Detoxification

    Ever wonder why so many people are talking about cleansing and detoxification? The hubbub is warranted, and I believe doing a regular detoxification program is vitally important to your health today. The main reason for this addition to your health […]

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  • Top 5 Herbal Supplements to Boost Immunity

    We carry a number of supplement products to assist in keeping your immune system healthy and fighting off illness during the holidays and other stressful times. Take advantage of 15% off all immune system support through December.

    Echinacea, prepared properly and […]

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  • How to Avoid 3 Major Holiday Health Problems

    With Thanksgiving under our belts (so to speak!), there’s no doubt that the holidays are upon us. Whether we’re feeling excited or are full of dread, I know we can experience both feelings at once this time of year! Continuing […]

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  • Being Well Through the Holidays

    Whatever your feelings and expectations of the upcoming holidays, you will probably agree that the fall and winter holidays can wreak havoc on our best nutritional intentions and stress management strategies. Fortunately, there are things you can do to mitigate […]

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  • Quantum Reality and Your Health & Happiness

    I like to write about subjects that I understand thoroughly and feel rather expert-ish about. So I am on shaky ground today as I embark on a topic that I possess a feeble understanding of. However, in my own defense, […]

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